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Due to some technical and functionality issues we have moved our webspace to a new domain name. You can see from the url that we are now

We have made this move so that we can expand our website which will eventually include a shop for merch.

we put a vote out to everyone a few weeks ago to see if there was an appetite to start a paid league and it seems there is! I’ll get everything set up as soon as I can and send out a link in advance so everyone can register.

we will set the entry fee at £5 per player with the winner at the end of the season scooping 80% of the prize pot and 2nd place getting 20%.

becuase of the login system we use we simply cannot just lift and shift everyone across to the new domain. this is for your security so all players will need to register again on the new website. once you have registered you can head to the shop and buy a “Paid league entry”. once your cash has been received you will be added to the league.

it will take a wee while to get the new league set up and i’ll send an update out when registrations are open.

we will keep the free league running on the existing website for a while so anyone that wants to continue to play for free can continue doing so.

cheers, and0.