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Tam made an arse of the audio on our last episode – this is a republish with the clean audio.

Another week packed full of misery from your favourite unofficial Hearts podcast! It’s not all doom and gloom but it’s mostly terrible 🤣. We’re back to a 5-man pod with Shanks sitting this one out as he goes into full prep for the Riga trip sewing his name into his pants in case he gets into trouble. Coming up on this weeks pod;

🤦‍♂️ Istanbul review 🛩 Our trip to Riga

💩 What’s wrong with us at the moment

🕺🏼 Plans for away days in Gorgie

🧠 Ando has a Tamdown


Remember to get your Predictor entry in for the match vs RFS Riga on Thursday – Predictor


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This Is My Story Podcast
This Is My Story Podcast
Episode 95 - Group Therapy...again