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Well that’s the unbeaten run finally at an end! Are we raging? Are the wheels off the wagon? Where do we go from here? The answers may surprise you. Join the lads as we discuss the defeat to that dreadful outfit from the badlands in the North.

We recorded this pretty late so we only have one feature for you which is a disaster of a player quiz brough to you by Kev – thankfully Corbett saves the day as Ando and Tam realise just how shite their knowledge is. We’ve got a few features saved for the next episode which looks like being Sunday from now on. We are changing up our recording schedule so we can bring you our reaction to the weekend games while it is still relevant and raw.

For those watching on YouTube we have done a lot of work on the lip sync on the video this week. The early part of the video is bit off as we get to grips with our new set up but it corrects after a few mins. This new setup will improve the lip sync quality going forward so you can watch our beautiful faces and listen to our beautiful voices in total sync! You’re welcome!


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This Is My Story Podcast
This Is My Story Podcast
Episode 65 – Tinker Robbie Taylor Moore