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Another undefeated week for the famous HMFC and we’re back with another episode for you. We moaned last week about how being undefeated and playing well left us with nothing to moan about but we’re changed men this week!….except Tam. We bring you an episode brimming with positivity this week!

Join us as we briefly review the Livingston game, look forward to the game vs Mingingwell on the weekend and touch on some of the news from Hearts and around Scottish football this past week. Kev struggles with his false teeth, Tam officially stops being a happy clapper, Brads is back after signing up to Beer 52, Ando is throwing people on the railway line and Corbett is back with his amazing hair. No Shanks this week as he’s still in the huff.

You’ll hear about Ando’s carry out that he hated on the train back from Scotland last week. He’d have done well to get a box from The good folks at Beer52 – they have a remarkable offer available to all our listeners. Simply head to to find out all the detail.


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