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Tonight we are back to basics. No fancy guests this week, just your six regular podcasting heroes chatting about all the news on the famous HMFC.

We’ve changed things around a little this week. Brads has a go at the Conundrums and Ando has ‘Stat of the Week’. As promised we’re trying out some new features so Corbett takes us on an ‘Away Day’ where he chats through one of his special games. Tam hits us up with a ‘Fact of the Week’ and Kev puts forward the first nomination for the all new ‘This Is My Story Hall of Fame’ – that’s right this is now a thing.

Shanks has decided to retire ‘Blind Date’ this week but he’s played a blinder with it. Get your headphones, grab a beer and have a listen! 

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This Is My Story Podcast
This Is My Story Podcast
Episode 14 – Big Bills’ Bangers’ Out